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If you're ready to get ACTIVE and join a Sports club or Fitness provider, SIGNONDAY makes it FAST to find activities near you, and SIMPLE to SIGN-ON 24/7.


it's that simple.

Sign-on made simple...

Change the way you sign on.

Designed here in Australia for Australian sports, our e-commerce mobile technology offers contact-less, 24/7 access to search over 20,000 activity providers Australia-wide. We also offer a variety of payment options all in one place. Find the sport, find the club or sports/fitness provider you want, and sign-on, seamless, simple. 

Sign-on made simple, with SIGNONDAY.



One central point for over 20,000 National Sports & Fitness listings, growing daily, search by keyword, postcode or activity.


A simple process to sign-on and pay for Registrations, Memberships, Ticketing and Merchandise.


Be active and stay active,
enjoy the benefits of healthy choices as Sports and Fitness becomes part of your daily life. 



Our powerful search/mapping tool lets you enter keywords, activities, suburbs and postcodes. You can also select a specific activity from our "activities dropdown menu" conveniently located in the search bar.
Select a listing

Next select from any of your search results by simply clicking "VIEW LISTING". This will take you to the Activity Providers  SIGNONDAY listing page and provide you with all the details you need to know about the Activity Provider and any products you can SIGN-ON to.

Select product or send enquiry

Now you have found the Activity Provider you want to join, scroll through their products and choose the one that best suits you. Each Activity Provider set their own products, if products are activated, simply click the green "SIGN-ON" button and complete the form to sign-on. You can also "GIVE AS GIFT" if you are buying for someone else!

If a provider has no active products, use "Send a Message" to contact the Activity Provider.


SIGNONDAY gives you a simply step by step payment process with options including Paypal, ZIP and Openpay with the convenience of purchasing when you are ready, 24/7. Find Sports and Fitness fast, the simple way to SIGN-ON and participate. Time to get active!

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