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To promote active sport and recreation, many assistance programs exist across Australia. These assistance programs come in many different forms, from voucher systems to assist with getting your children into sport, to funding to build and maintain club and sporting facilities.

Grants and funding assistance is available for clubs, organisations and sporting participants. You need to check in your particular state to find out if funding is available to you. See the below links to government resources in your state to find out more. 

If we do not have information listed here you think would benefit the Australian sporting community could you please advise us through our Contact Us page.

General Australian Government (AIS)

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government body responsible for the delivery of funding and development of Australian sport.

The ASC supports a wide range of programs designed to develop sporting excellence and increase participation and achievement by all Australians.

  • The ASC allocates the majority of its funding through National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for people with Disability (NSODs). In order for an NSO or NSOD to receive funding, the organisation must be recognised as the pre-eminent organisation responsible for the development of the sport within Australia by the ASC. See related links below for further information on ASC recognition.
  • The ASC partners with state and territory departments of sport and recreation to develop and deliver programs and services to build the sustainability, capability and capacity of the sport industry in Australia.
  • The ASC has a number of programs where funding is provided to individual sportspeople. There are also a number of other sources of funding that may be of use for sporting organisations.

Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program
Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP) is for Indigenous sportspeople who have been selected for a state team to compete at national championships or an Australian team to compete at an international event. The program assists with travel and accommodation expenses only.

Local Sporting Champions grants program
The Local Sporting Champions grants program is designed to provide financial assistance for junior sportsmen and women towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing at an official NSO or NSOD endorsed state or national sporting competition, a School Sport Australia endorsed state or national championship or an international competition where the applicant is representing an official Australian team.

Women Leaders in Sport Grant Program
The Women Leaders in Sport grant program provides female administrators, coaches and officials with opportunities to undertake intermediate to advanced training within the sport industry to reach their leadership potential. Grants are available for individuals and organisations in the areas of coaching, communications/media/marketing, governance, management/administration and officiating.

National Officiating Scholarship Program
The National Officiating Scholarship program is aimed at elite officials within targeted sports to provide support in their development to reach the highest level of officiating.

Pacific Sports Partnerships Grants
The Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP) is delivered through partnerships between the Australian Sports Commission with Australian sport organisations and their counterpart regional and national sport federations in the Pacific. The purpose of the PSP is to develop the capacity of Pacific-based sports federations to conduct sport for development programs which foster healthier and more inclusive communities.

  1. Coaching in a high performance environment ‐ the coach is integrated into the coaching staff of a high performance program (such as the Australian Institute of Sport, a State Academy or Institute of Sport, a Centre of Excellence or National Training Centre etc) and works under the guidance of a mentor coach. This is a full-time position for two years.
  2. Formal education -The coach has the opportunity to obtain a post graduate degree in sports coaching (e.g. Graduate Diploma of Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland).
  3. Professional development - each coach has an individually tailored professional development program aimed at leveraging individual strengths and up skilling in identified development areas. In addition, all scholarship coaches attend three, week long, professional development blocks each year which are focused on enhancing key competencies such as leadership, communication and program management. Applications are called for annually (September for a start the following January) and must come through the appropriate National Sporting Organisation (NSO).
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  • Swimming Australia contact
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Get Started is one of three funding programs that comprise the Queensland Government's Get in the Game initiative to support grassroots sport and recreation. Get Started assists children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or recreation club.
Eligible children and young people can apply online for a voucher valued up to $150, which can be presented at a Get Started sport or recreation club. Children and young people from the age of five and under the age of 18 who are residents of Queensland can apply.
Anyone interested should go to:

Western Australia

The Department of Sport and Recreation, through grants and scholarships, provides funding to organisations who facilitate sport and active recreation. Funding is important to support the industryand provide active opportunities for every West Australian. There are a wide range of avenues to obtain funding. We've put together a list of funding types, depending on your club's needs. These include funding for sport and community organisations, facilities, and special funding for regional areas 

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government's Sport Voucher Scheme is ensuring all young Territorians have access to sporting activities.
Under the Scheme, every enrolled, school-aged child across the Territory will receive a Sport Voucher up to the value of $75 to help cover the costs of playing organised sport. In remote areas with limited access to sporting clubs, Sport Voucher funding will be allocated to schools to support sporting activities


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New South Wales

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South Australia

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The AIS Centre for Performance Coaching and Leadership also offers a range of open learning opportunities throughout the year, including seminars from world best content providers and study tours. The Open Program provides performance coaches and leaders with an alternative pathway to access flexible performance development opportunities.
All programs will be delivered via a series of face-to-face residential labs, immersive experiences, project work, mentoring, individual assessment and regular feedback and reflection. For more information on the AIS Centre for Performance Coaching and Leadership and the programs offered contact: Centre for Performance Coaching and Leadership, Australian Institute of Sport, Bruce  ACT - Phone: 02 6214 1111

National Coaching Scholarship Program

The National Coaching Scholarship Program (NCSP) aims to increase Australia's pool of high performance coaching talent by providing identified coaches with a structured, intensive development program over a two year period.
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