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signonday hosts your sign-on and joining offers on our massive Australia-wide sports search engine. Now all Australians can find their favourite local sport and fitness.

We also provide you with the tools to easily build and maintain the whole process from start to finish. You don't have to be an internet genius to make it happen.


Promote your exciting credentials

Time to brag and let everyone know why your sports offering is the greatest and why they should join you. Setup your listing with your logo, history, facilities, photos, videos, achievements and link to your own official website and social media channels.


Flexible payment plans

A safe, simple and convenient payment option, that lets your PARTICIPANTS buy now and pay later for their sign-on and purchases. zipPay allows PARTICIPANTS to split their purchases into easy weekly and monthly repayments. PROVIDERS receive all the payments upfront saving valuable time on chasing fees and lost income. Find out more.


Create multiple offers to join

Publish your current prices, packages, offers, dates and forms for our searching participants. You can customise your very own payment tool with us as well, whatever suits your sport needs.We just love to find and help participants and keep Aussies playing sport.


Manage your listing 24/7

However you're planning to use signonday, marketing or processing, you have the power to do some very cool things. Manage current information, gather registration data and export easily. All payments are processed securely. You will love the simple to follow layout and the hours signonday will save you.


Play with cool features

You can use our tools to help with event, fundraising, ticket sales outside major governing body registration systems for raising much needed extra revenues. Host your own CLUB FUN RUN, GOLF DAYS, TOURNAMENTS and manage the whole registration process.Have a play and see what you come up with.


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